Unequally Distributed Trouble In Socialist Paradise?


Democratic socialist Bernie Sanders got a taste of how the Democratic National Committee treats anyone not named Clinton. The Committee suspended Sander’s access to its voter database after a “software error” enabled a Sanders staffer, perhaps assuming social ownership, to review Clinton’s private campaign data……which one can only presume was quite unimpressive.

The DNC blamed its data systems vendor NGP VAN for the “software glitch.” The committee claims this was an isolated incident. Sander’s campaign spokesman, Michael Briggs, contradicts this claim. In a statement, Briggs recalls multiple vendor errors, “On more than one occasion, the vendor has dropped the firewall between the data of different Democratic campaigns,” he said. “Our campaign months ago alerted the D.N.C. to the fact that campaign data was being made available to other campaigns. At the time our campaign did not run to the media, relying instead on assurances from the vendor.”

Briggs goes on to state “After discussion with the D.N.C., it became clear that one of our staffers accessed some modeling data from another campaign. That behavior is unacceptable and that staffer was immediately fired.”

While Briggs statements regarding multiple errors seem credible, it’s hard to blame the DNC for forgetting about the earlier “glitches.” The majority of their resources were surely dedicated to helping Clinton delete 30,000 emails at that time. In the age of big data, even the DNC only has enough brainpower to focus on one data breach at a time. Fortunately for the committee, Sanders eased their burden during the first democratic debate when he proclaimed, “The American people are sick and tired of hearing about ya damn emails…….Enough about the emails. Let’s talk about the real issues facing America.”

Perhaps unaware of the power of his words, Sanders magically transformed Clinton’s campaign. In the days following, media outlets on the left and right reported that Clinton had unanimously won the debate. She was officially BACK. For the next two weeks, the woman who had been draped in scandal could do no wrong. She walked into the Benghazi hearings cool, calm, and collected. And she walked out without a scratch. She transformed her wicked and cold demeanor to one of warmth and openness. And she all but deleted the email scandal from the mental databases of the media. During that two week span, Clinton could have given Mother Teresa the finger, and the media would have raved about how presidential her posture and timing was in doing so.

Just like that, The Democratic National Committee was free to focus their energy on the other candidates. Unfortunately for Sanders, this focus turned towards a mistake made by one of his campaign staffers. To look the other way would jeopardize the integrity of the entire party. The DNC simply had to take action.

Yes, Sanders did help everyone by reporting the previous “glitches” before any data breaches could occur. Yes, Sanders did immediately fire the person responsible taking advantage of the glitch. And yes, it was acknowledged by everyone involved that it wasn’t Sanders fault. As true as these facts are, it is also true that Hillary Clinton’s private campaign data was exposed to those who did not have legal access to it.

And when Hillary Clinton’s private data is exposed, someone must pay.

Had Sanders instead jeopardized national security by exposing thousands of classified emails to only God knows who, then maybe he could have gotten off with a warning. But that just wasn’t the case.

The punishment is a major setback for Sanders campaign and could potentially derail the whole thing. With no other real threats to win the nomination, this is great news for Clinton. If Sanders does not recover, she would have completed quite the turnaround. She would have gone from the brink of political disaster because of a private data breach to clinching the nomination because of a private data breach.

One is left to wonder if Bernie is still so tired of hearing about Clinton’s damn emails.

Check out the New York Times to see the rest of the story.

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