Can We Stop Pretending Bernie Sanders Is Not A Communist Now?

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In this article you will find closing thoughts on Bernie Sanders, and Old Newspaper articles about the Communists invasion of Vermont.


Bernie’s campaign has officially come to an end. But, has the damage already been done?

His college-aged supporters will remain in a drunken stupor due to the over-consumption of his poisonous “free tuition for all” rhetoric. Angry employees will continue to protest for a $15 minimum wage, unaware that if they get it, they might lose their job. And Bernie’s dream of an America where every citizen is completely and equally dependent on government will still be alive in the hearts of social justice warriors all over the country.

The old commie has done some damage.

“OK, so Bernie named the city softball team, “The People’s Republic of Burlington.” Big deal. He defended Castro, and thinks breadlines are a good thing…you know what? Maybe he’s right. If they weren’t well fed, how could so many of them survive the 90-mile boat trip to America? What else? Oh….he honeymooned in the USSR during the cold war…Right Right. He was establishing a sister city bro! Bernie is a democratic socialist because that’s what he says. He’s old and funny and sweet, and he’s stupid cute, OK!”

Shut up.

Bernie changed the conversation in America. He promised to end corruption in government by indefinitely expanding the corrupt government. He softened the country to radical ideas that would destroy individual freedom and lead to mass dependency on the state. He made people think that socialism is a good idea and that maybe communism is not so bad after all.



Bernie Sanders could put on a bright red dress tomorrow, and give a 30-minute speech praising Mao and promoting mass starvation, and his supporters would love it. In fact, as long as he grunted out the phrase, “Free Tuition for All” a few times, he’d get a standing ovation.

When are we going to stop allowing ourselves to be so easily manipulated by politicians who couldn’t pass a background check for a job as a prison janitor?

I’m not just referring to Bernie. We don’t have a candidate that wouldn’t throw up red flags if they were vying for a regular job. It’s good thing they’re just running for president, where integrity doesn’t matter and all suspicious past behavior gets ignored.

Today is Comrade Bernie’s day however, so we shall shift the focus back to him.

Bernie’s campaign was laughed at and written off. No one thought he stood chance. But he hung in there anyway. He kept fighting and before we knew it, Bernie had become a rock-star for the 18 – 30 crowd. And while he didn’t win the nomination, he did what he set out to do. He made a lasting impact on the minds of millions of young people.

Before Bernie came along, his supporters were angry and lost. Now, after the Bernie effect, they’re angry, lost, and infected with the incurable ideology of helplessness. He came. He saw. He emotionally crippled.

download (1)Now, Bernie has agreed to help team Hillary. He’ll spend some time on the campaign trail with her where his main job will be to keep his 7 grandchildren, who are all under the age of 13, as far away from Bill Clinton as possible. With that I wish him that best of luck.

Because Bernie will soon be out of the news cycle, I decided to do one more inquiry into his mysterious past.

I was curious as to why he moved from New York City to Vermont after college. So, I focused my research on the history of the Green Mountain State. During my search, I found some old newspaper articles from the late 1940’s and early 50’s.

These papers paint Vermont as a safe haven for communists. They also allege that members of a group called the “Communist Underground” were infiltrating Vermont at the time. The people discussed in the articles are; Alger Hiss, John Abt, Lee Pressman, and Nathan Witt.

How does this relate to Bernie?

Bernie ran in some radical circles during his time at the University of Chicago in the early 60’s. In fact, he briefly organized for a communist linked group that was under investigation by the House Committee on Un-American Activities.

If there were any truth to the reports that the Communist Underground occupied Vermont in the 50’s, Bernie and his friends were the type that would have known about it. This makes you wonder if that’s why Bernie made his way to Vermont shortly after graduating in 1964.

The articles center around Alger Hiss, who was a former U.S. State Department official and President of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. In 1948 Hiss was accused of being a Soviet spy. Two years later he was convicted of perjury in connection with those charges. Hiss couldn’t be tried for espionage because the statute of limitations had passed. So they got him on perjury.

It was prior to his second trial that Vermont came into the picture. The defense team made a surprising move when it motioned for a venue change. It wasn’t the motion that was surprising, it was the location they requested, which was Vermont.

Investigators were curious as to why Hiss chose Vermont. They looked into it and found Communist ties. The motion was ultimately denied and Hiss was convicted, but when he was released from prison, he moved to Vermont.

download (2)My knowledge of the Red Scare is limited at best. That’s why I was surprised to discover that the trial of Alger Hiss is what made future President Richard Nixon a household name, and what fueled McCarthy’s communist witch hunt.

Alger Hiss was the central focus of a historic trial. His colleagues John Abt, Lee Pressman, and Nathan Witt were major players as well. This makes the whole story of the Communist Underground in Vermont that much more interesting.


Communist Pen

This article from a 1950 issue of the Deseret News places the men in Vermont at the time of the second trial.

This one from the Chicago tribune in 1949 further speculates as to why Hiss wanted the trial moved to Vermont.

And this one from the Evening Independent in 1950, discusses what it calls the “Communist Invasion” of Vermont.

If it’s true that the communists set up shop in Vermont in the late 40’s and 50’s, it’s reasonable to believe that they were still there a decade later when Bernie Sanders graduated college. And if that’s the case, what are odds that it was just a coincidence that Bernie decided to move to Vermont?

A lot of it boils down to what you believe about those four men.

John Abt was Chief Counsel to the Communist Party USA. Like Bernie, he graduated from the University of Chicago. Curiously, Lee Harvey Oswald, who was also believed to be a communist, requested Abt to be his lawyer during an interrogation shortly after the Kennedy assassination.

Lee Pressman was a former Labor Attorney and U.S. Government Functionary. Pressman confessed to espionage in 1950.

Nathan Witt was the former Secretary of the National Labor Relations Board. Witt had communist sympathies and was accused of being a member of another clandestine group called the Ware Group.

Was a secret group called the Communist Underground operating in Vermont in the 50’s? If so, are they still there? Is Bernie a member?

Fortunately, we don’t need to get to the bottom of that mystery to know that Bernie’s idea of equality is everyone starving while they wait in a breadline.

But we can speculate about who this person that influenced so many people really is.

And we can wonder what will grow from the ideological seeds that he planted in the minds of millions of young people.





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