Ep. 12 – NeoCons Rise, Conservatives Beg for Servitude


Monday, November 21st, 2016 – The Rise of the Neocons, the plan to make the Alt Right beg for a conservative welfare state, fake news tells us to watch out for fake news, cultural conditioning, and much more on this 12th episode of the Propaganda Report

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Show notes by Monica Perez


The People Demand a “Conservative Welfare State” – Really?

Here is the book referring to Trump’s philosophy of loyalty & revenge: The Making of Donald Trump

Trump Nation: The Art of Being The Donald. This book is light and kind of funny.

Trump’s campaign pretty much followed the strategies in this book: Art of The Deal

Giuliani would not make a good Secretary of State. Listen to the minute starting 14:50 in hour 1: RNC Show


Agent of Influence (More Dangerous Than A Spy)


The Engineering of Consent


Steve Bannon on Politics as War
The Trump adviser talks about the winning campaign and says the political attacks against him and Breitbart News are ‘just nonsense.’

Yet Mr. Bannon—who joined the Trump campaign in mid-August to propel its thunderbolt victory—professes no interest in being the story. “It’s not important to be known,” he says in a telephone interview Thursday night, among his first public comments since the election. “It was Lao Tzu who said that with the best leaders, when the work is accomplished, the people will say ‘We have done this ourselves.’ That’s how I’ve led.”

Pollsters Face Hurdles in Changing Landscape
Pollsters rethink how they operate after a string of astonishing misses around the globe this year

“A corporate market research project, you don’t know if your polling is shit because there’s no election day,” Dan Wagner, head of Democratic research firm Civis Analytics, which also conducts nonpolitical surveys, said in an interview prior to the election. In politics, “there’s a day where you’re going to find out whether you were right or whether you’re an idiot.”

Trump’s NATO Demand Clashes With EU Budgets
Countries under pressure to narrow deficits are bracing for a U.S. call to spend more on defense

“There’s enough money,” [Bruno Lété, a defense expert at The German Marshall Fund of the United States in Brussels] said. “The problem is that the Europeans have been very ineffective. We have 28 navies, 28 air forces, and 28 armies…. The big problem is the issue of unity. There is no unity.”

According to Wikipedia, the EU has 510 million people and a GDP or $17.1 trillion. The US has 325 million people and a GDP of $18.6 trillion.

Stalin was in power from 1922-1952.

Anti-Trump protester attacked at Ohio State says incident unrelated to politics.

From Major Jordan’s Diaries


What Happened To The Liberty Movement?

Defense Secretary Panetta tells Senator Sessions that military gets its authority from UN or NATO.

Trump Campaign Turns to ‘Psychographic’ Data Firm Used by CruzTrump Campaign Turns to ‘Psychographic’ Data Firm Used by Cruz

Neurotic? Extroverted? Disagreeable? Political campaigns have an ad for you.

Oh What a Tangled Web We Weave: Kushner, Christie, Trump, Clinton...

Donald Sterling

EIC on Guns

Poland Exhumes President Killed in Russia Plane Crash
Autopsies on President Lech Kaczynski and others killed in the 2010 crash have been ordered amid a probe into possible foul play

Digital Enhancement of Plane Crash

Seriously? In order to watch this ad, you have to watch an ad….

Reba: Take It Back

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