Ep. 46 – The Real Jon Ossoff Embodies Everything Liberals Hate About Trump

Thursday, June 8th, 2017 – Electing Jon Ossoff is giving the keys of the Georgia sixth district over to the puppet master who truly controls Jon…..his father…Richard Martin Ossoff. This should terrify Ossoff supporters because Richard Ossof is the embodiment of everything they hate about Donald Trump.

On this episode of the Propaganda report, we reveal surprising details about Jon’s mysterious and elusive father. We show you why Jon’s campaign promises are in direct conflict with his father’s interests. We introduce you to the gaggle of multinational billion dollar firms that his father is in bed with. And we illustrate how Richard Ossoff is the embodiment of all the things Jon’s supporters hate about Donald Trump. If you support Jon Ossoff, this information is vital to you.

Show notes, including names and links to the information referenced during the show will be available tomorrow at Propagandareportdaily.com 

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